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Interesting facts about our farm

Our farm has been owned by our family since 1787.


For this reason, my father Josef Fankhauser (died 2007) received permission by the Tyrolean provincial government on August 15th, 1990 to use the title "Erbhof" (lit. "inherited farm").

A farm needs to have been inherited, inhabited, and managed for at least 200 years, in order to receive and be allowed to use the title "Erbhof" - a special honour highlighting examples of faithful keeping of inherited farm property.

In 1974, our B&B  "Kernhof" was newly built by Josef and Traudl Fankhauser.

In 2000 and 2003 we remodeled the Kernhof. (comfort rooms with shower/WC and a guest kitchen, as well as installation of a wood chip oven)

Our family owns a cattle-breeding farm with 22 dairy cows and 20 young cattle. The animals are kept in a modern stable built in 2007 and in winter are fed the best hay from our meadows as well as genetically unmodified grain. The milk is delivered to the Ziller Valley dairy, from which we buy the finished produce for our guests.

From the end of May to the end of October, the animals enjoy our herb-rich pastures and meadows.
We mow the meadows twice per year, contributing like all the other farmers in the Tux valley to the conservation of the countryside.

You are welcome to visit our farm or watch the cows on "Cow TV". 

some pictures of our work and farm